Wine storage

Perfect storage conditions

Our ultra-modern wine cellars maintain a humidity level of 75% and a constant temperature of 12.5° all year round. In this sanctuary, wine bottles are left to mature in complete darkness and peace. There are no extraneous odors or vibrations in the cellar so as not to alter the taste of the wine.

Wine cellar register

As a Wine District customer, you have a perfectly accurate inventory of the bottles that make up your cellar. Each bottle or case has a unique identification number so that you never lose a bottle. Your wine cellar register is available at any time directly on our website under the heading “My wine cellar”. Each new customer receives a personal identifier and a secure access code.

Assured inventory

All the wines stored at Wine District are insured against all risks (theft, breakage, flooding, fire) at the current market value. The wines are also insured from the moment the bottles are picked-up and during the entire transportation process.

Storage security

Our wine storage cellars are designed as safes and are certified like bank vaults. The cellars are located in a high-security building with a security office on the ground floor. We have numerous armored doors and state-of-the-art surveillance camera systems.

No minimum storage

Customers can entrust us with their very first bottle of wine and a rack will be allocated to them. The racks are designed to store 24 bottles so that there is no mixing of wines from different customers. Other bottles can be added at any time.