Wine expertise

Auction sales

Wine District is the official expert for the largest Swiss auction house. In collaboration with Koller, we hold two large wine auctions per year. This is an opportunity for our customers to buy or sell wines effortlessly as all the wines for the auction are already stored in our cellars. In addition, Wine District customers benefit from a preferential commission rate from Koller.

The Wine Coast

Since wine has an extremely specific market, do not spend your time getting your bottles appraised yourself, as this could lead to disappointment. Wines now command extremely high prices, prompting some wine forgers to produce and sell ever more counterfeit bottles. Our experience and our contacts with the greatest châteaux and estates will be invaluable in avoiding this trap.

Hundreds of expert appraisals per year

As a Wine District client, you will be offered a complete appraisal of the condition of your bottles (label, cork, wine level, wine color, etc.), which significantly affects the shelf life and value of the wines in case of their resale. Contact us for more information.