Home pick-up for your wines

In crates or in bulk

Whether your wines are in bulk or in their original crates, we will ensure that your bottles are picked-up professionally, with the utmost care. In the case of bulk pick-ups, we put the bottles in specially designed shipping cartons.

Play it safe

The choice of packaging and the transportation timing are especially crucial factors that we never overlook. Our many years of experience mean that you can safely entrust your bottles to us for the delicate task of transporting them. We handle highly valuable bottles of wine every day and have never broken any.

International pick-ups

Are you moving to Switzerland from abroad and want to bring your wine cellar with you? No worries, as we have built up close relationships of trust over several years with agents specializing in transporting wines and works of art all over the world. We can therefore offer you a tailor-made shipping quotation to bring your wines directly to Wine District in complete safety.

Wine cellar inventory

At the time of pick-up, we carry out a very accurate wine cellar inventory so that you know exactly what wines you are entrusting to us. The wine cellar register will then be available at all times in your customer area on our website.