Delivery of your bottles

Daily delivery

We deliver your wines everywhere in Geneva and on the Coast with our air-conditioned vehicles so that your bottles do not heat up. Simply contact us by email or phone and we will deliver within half a day.

Delivery areas

We deliver everywhere in Geneva and along the coast up to Gland. The delivery time is half a day. We can also deliver anywhere in Switzerland, but the delivery time then is two working days.

Tasting tips

In order to taste the full potential of your wines, we advise you to request for the delivery of the bottles 48 hours before your wine tasting event. This will allow the wine to settle down after being transported. In addition, for some wines, we recommend that you open them several hours before tasting.

Food and wine pairing

Wine District also offers an adventure for epicureans who are passionate about wine and are used to tasting many different wines. This has made it possible for us to acquire an expertise that has been acknowledged by many wine lovers and restaurateurs. It is therefore with pleasure that we can offer you advice about food and wine pairings for your meals with friends or clients. We will also be able to tell you which of your wines is ready for drinking.